Russian River Wine and Adventure

Russian River Playground for Kids and Adults

Russian River–Playground for Kids and Adults

Russian River Wine Region

Almost one third of all grapes grown in Sonoma County come from the Russian River Valley.

This area is so large, that number translates to only 10% of the valley. The rest is pasture, forest, and farmlands dotted by a few quaint towns.

A cool layer of damp marine air coming from the ocean, just a few miles to the west, rolls down the river and into the canyons and gullies. This slows the ripening process, and the wines produced from these grapes are generally more complex – harvesting is several weeks later here than most places.

As good as the Russian River Valley Chardonnays are (they are world-class and slightly leaner than those of the Alexander Valley) this is where Pinot Noir shines. Most red wines focus on flavor, but Pinot Noir is about texture…that sensual, juicy, supple feel in your mouth.


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