Sample Pure Organic Wine and Food

In Sonoma, ostriches love the pests in vineyards, but not the grapes!


Many wineries are making a heartfelt commitment to nurturing our bountiful land.  This commitment includes environmentally friendly choices when growing their vineyards.  Choices that nurture the land, their wines, and those of us who enjoy drinking their wine!

Northern California is a leader in Organic and Biodynamic Practices.  This includes using no pesticides.  Sometimes it’s taking a step farther by creating areas for insects that rid the pests in eco-friendly ways.

One of the wineries we visit will gift you with their organic honey.  Another winery uses ostriches to rid their vines of pests.  Ostriches don’t like the taste of grapes, but they love the pests on the vine! from the fruit of the vine.  Imagine seeing an ostrich wander through vineyards… You can.

We’ll take you to some small, private wineries that aren’t generally open to the public.  Other Sonoma appellations are experimenting with organic and biodynamic practices.  We’ve chosen the Dry Creek and Russian River areas for you to discover, taste, and to experience wonder!

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