Sonoma, the Town

Sonoma Valley wine tours in CaliforniaSouth of Sonoma Valley, and just north of Napa’s Carneros, is the town of Sonoma.  Rich in history and alive in the moment, Sonoma is the gem of the Valley of the Moon.

Sonoma was the last stop in California’s Mission Chain, and it is fashioned around a Mexican-style plaza.  The plaza is a lovely place to sit, watch the ducks, or let the kids play.  It’s an easy town to get around, whether you’re on foot or in the car.  We recommend taking a walk.  It is lovely, peaceful, fun, and the shops are unique.  Make a stop at the Cheese Factory!  Heaven.

It’s easy to spend an entire afternoon in the plaza.  There are 18 acres of gardens, two duck ponds, geese, play areas, quiet benches to read and people watch, and cool shade.  On Sundays there are often art shows in the plaza.  And, on the streets surrounding the plaza, there are galleries, cafes, tasting rooms and local crafts.

Over the past 180 years the plaza has been the site of religious uprisings, revolution, disasters and joys of every sort.  It is the heart and soul of the Sonoma Valley.

The Plaza was created in 1835 by General Vallejo for troop maneuvers when CA was part of Mexico.  Now, it is the largest town square in California.  It has a sense of grace and style.  Explore the Sonoma Mission, General Vallejo’s home, and the retro-cool Sebastiani Theatre.

Sonoma is a dream that has risen from the past to give us calm and pleasure in the now.  Even though it’s become a busy little town, you can feel yourself unwind when you stroll her streets.

Thank you, Sonoma, for being you.

Writer: Meredith Blevins, featured writer for Join her at for wine-country mysteries, classes, and the untamed west.

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