San Francisco, the City


San Francisco the CitySan Francisco is a naughty tart, a gracious lady, and a brilliant conversationalist.  She is the city of unbelievable views and one of the most gorgeous bridges in the world.   San Francisco often spars with Paris for Conde Nast’s Top City in the world.  And that is no surprise.

San Francisco is a walker’s dream.  Put your map in your pocket and hit the streets.  Wander around the legendary Haight-Ashbury district…talk about a step back in time!  Head north and you’ll be in the area of the Civic Center.  Take a stroll through St. Mary’s Cathedral and Japantown.

Just south of the Richmond District is one of the country’s most extraordinary parks, Golden Gate Park.  It was created in the 1890s on sandy soil.  It is worth one entire day to explore the park.  This is the legendary Barbary Coast area where scores of shipwrecks met the ocean.  The de Young Museum, in the park, is a treasure, as is the Japanese Tea Garden.

Going to San Francisco and missing Chinatown would be unimaginable.  It has the largest population of Chinese people outside of China.  The markets, streets, smells and shops shoot you into another reality. The Chinese settled this area in the 1850s just after the Gold Rush and have held tight to their heritage.

The Pacific Ocean, eccentric people, cutting edge art, extraordinary food and wine, Fisherman’s Wharf cable cars, the postcard perfect San Francisco Bay, and a walk above the ocean on the Golden Gate Bridge are all part of the magic that is San Francisco.  As is the harbor that’s filled with bright boats and cargo ships carrying wonders from around the world.

Savor, enjoy, and have fun!  San Francisco was built for a grand and memorable time.


Writer: Meredith Blevins, featured travel writer for the Authentic Wine Country.  Join her at for wine-country mysteries, classes, and the untamed west.


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