The Napa Valley Museum

Drive north from the town of Napa to Yountville, and check out the Napa Valley Museum.   This is no ordinary museum, nor is it only a wine museum.

The Napa Valley Museum is almost next door to Domain Chandon.  We think the location is perfect. Unlike many museums, it is loose and easy, a vibrant center for the arts.   The high-tech, interactive permanent exhibit, “California Wine:  The Science of an Art,” will blow you away.   A multi- media exhibit demonstrating the winemaking process—what could be better?

There are also changing exhibits that celebrate the history and culture of the area with an array of arts and crafts.   You’ll discover Napa’s natural history, including why such terrific wines come from the soil in Napa.  The reasons will surprise you and give you a greater appreciation of what you taste.  It took millions of years for the perfect conditions to happen.  Pretty impressive.

You’ll also discover how Native Americans lived in the Valley.  Napa is a large story of the interface of many cultures, including the Indian people, Chinese, Jews, Portuguese, Italians and Germans. They all loved the land and the mineral waters, too.

As you leave, stand in front of the painting by Michael Keating.  How many winemakers can you find in it?  Many of them are current locals.  This is a terrific place to appreciate everything, and everyone, who created the Napa Valley of today.  Enjoy!

Writer: Meredith Blevins, featured travel writer for the Authentic Wine Country.  Join her for wine-country mysteries, classes, and the untamed we

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