Cheers to Abraham Lincoln

Authentic Wine Country loves Abraham LincolnI admit it. I feel real, true love for Abraham Lincoln. I literally fell in love with him after reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, “Team of Rivals.” Then, I started reading everything I could about him, which should take a lifetime, since there are over 15,000 books written about our greatest President.  And when the new film, “Lincoln” starring Daniel Day Louis was released, I was there the first day, an afternoon matinee, by myself, not wanting the magic spell to be broken, refusing share my passion with anyone else. And today we celebrate his birthday. So, we raise our glasses to you, Abraham Lincoln. Recognize the glass?

Red over colorless wine cut and copper-wheel engraved with a variation of the Presidential Seal. This pattern was first made for President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln in 1861 at Dorflinger’s Greenpoint Flint Glass Company in Brooklyn, New York. This order helped to establish Dorflinger’s reputation as a maker of high quality lead crystal. His company made replacements in this pattern for the White House several times. In 1891, President Benjamin Harrison’s White House ordered a new set of glassware from the Dorflinger company in the Russian pattern which was popular at the time.

2 thoughts on “Cheers to Abraham Lincoln

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  2. I love Abraham Lincoln — and I love that he pushed his rivals back until the 13th amendment was passed. Paving the way for the 14th. I love the stemware — his wife may have been a little nuts, but she had gorgeous, good taste. The book, Team of Rivals? Better than a sleeping pill. I wanted him to show up sooner. (And, the rr tracks in CA rec’d more money from Lincoln because he was busy with the Civil War. Stanford moved the Sierras to about ten feet from Sacramento in his calculations for $$$! If Sonoma had remained the state capitol, who knows what would have happened!)

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